Set up your iPhone language to Chinese

You always have it in your pocket. If you do not, you can still check this page and main screenshot to have a look at it. Yes, this is the smartphone! It happens that many of you have an iPhone. So, why not using this iPhone to learn Chinese... every day?

Indeed, each screen is an occasion to be exposed to Mandarin Chinese. We start with the first page. Have a look at the screenshot, or on your own iPhone with its interface switched to Mandarin Chinese.

Here we go!


By HSK Academy

Main screen (5 lines + bottom)

Can you read these words? Click on any character for more details. Full definitions below.

1. - - - (xìnxī - rìlì - zhàopiàn - xiàngjī)

2. - - - (wēixìn - tiānqì - shèzhì - shízhōng)

3. - (dìtú - bèiwànglù)

4. (fānyì)

5. (cházhǎo)

6. - - (diànhuà - yóujiàn -yīnle)


  1. Messages - Calendar - Photos - Camera
  2. Wechat ("Micro letter") - Weather - Settings - Clock
  3. Maps - Notes (memo)
  4. Translate
  5. Find
  6. Phone - Mail - Music

More details about HSK vocabulary and levels:

More to come soon!

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