Best HSK preparation books

A selection of the best preparation material for the Chinese tests

Best Reference Book for HSK

To start with, a must: the complete lists of official words for the HSK tests. 5,000 terms in Chinese, properly indexed for each list, with pinyin, main meaning and related HSK level from 1 to 6. An all-in-one essential book to keep with you at anytime.

Content for each of these books: HSK vocabulary list for HSK1 (150 new words), HSK 2 (150 new words), HSK 3 (300 new words),HSK 4 (600 new words), HSK 5 (1,300 new words), HSK 6 (2,500 new words), Index (5,000 words in total)


Best HSK Graded Readers

Read stories which only contain HSK words and no others. These books are 100% certified to contain only Chinese characters from the target HSK Vocabulary list. As bilingual books, they also offer pinyin and English translation. Ideal to learn and practice faster.

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Pick up your Chinese reader based on your level:

  • HSK 1: "Xiaoming’s Day": Graded Chinese Reader: HSK level 1 (150-word level) (Chinese-English)

  • HSK 2: "My Birthday": Graded Chinese Reader: HSK 2 (300-word level) (Chinese-English)

Best mock exams books for HSK

This selection of books is 100% dedicated to the HSK test for a specific level. They offer a great simulation of the actual tests. Authors are experienced TCSL teachers who follow the requirements of the New Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) managed by Hanban. The proposed tests are identical to those used in preparation classes and participants to the tests have reported enhanced success to their examination thanks to this collection.

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Have you made your choice?

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