Meaning and pronunciation of 劈

Simplified/traditional character


  • to hack
  • to chop
  • to split open
  • (of lightning) to strike

HSK levels


  • (pī): to hack; to chop; to split open; (of lightning) to strike;

Characters with the same pronunciation

  • : to ascertain; to act on; to criticize; to pass on; classifier for batches, lots, military flights; tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges);
  • : to drape over one's shoulders; to open; to unroll; to split open; to spread out;

Words containing 劈, by HSK level

HSK 6 vocabulary list

  • (): to hack; to chop; to split open; see 噼劈啪, onomat. for crack, slap, clap, clatter etc