Meaning and pronunciation of 北

Simplified/traditional character
běi (bei3)


north; to be defeated (classical);

HSK levels:

1, 3, 6


  • 一 (yī): one
  • 丨 (gǔn): line
  • 一 (yī): one
  • 匕 (bǐ): spoon / man overthrown

Sentences examples with 北:

  • 我住在北京。
    Wǒ zhù zài Běijīng.
  • 我明天坐飞机去北京。
    Wǒ míngtiān zuò fēijī qù běijīng.
  • 我住在北京。
    Wǒ zhù zài běijīng.
  • 我坐飞机去北京。
    Wǒ zuò fēijī qù běijīng.
  • 我去过一回北京。
    Wǒ qùguò yī huí běijīng.

Words containing 北, by HSK level:

HSK 1 vocabulary list

  • (Běijīng) : Beijing; capital of People's Republic of China; Peking; PRC government

HSK 3 vocabulary list

  • (běifāng) : north; the northern part a country; China north of the Yellow River

HSK 6 vocabulary list

  • (běijí) : the North Pole; the Arctic Pole; the north magnetic pole
  • (nányuánběizhé) : to act in a way that defeats one's purpose (idiom);

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