Meaning and pronunciation of 号

Simplified character
Traditional character



  • ordinal number
  • day of a month
  • mark
  • sign
  • business establishment
  • size
  • ship suffix
  • horn (wind instrument)
  • bugle call
  • assumed name
  • to take a pulse
  • classifier used to indicate number of people

HSK levels


  • (kǒu): mouth
  • (kǎo): breath' or 'sigh' component in Chinese characters;

Characters with the same pronunciation

  • : to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander; news; (coll.) to delay; to dilly-dally;

Sentences examples with 号

  • 四号去教室。
    Sì hào qù jiàoshì.
  • 今天是 2002 年 1 月 1号。
    Jīntiān shì 2002 nián 1 yuè 1 hào.
  • 你的房间号是多少?
    Nǐ de fángjiān hào shì duōshǎo?

Words containing 号, by HSK level

HSK 1 vocabulary list

  • (hào): day of a month; (suffix used after) name of a ship; (ordinal) number

HSK 4 vocabulary list

HSK 5 vocabulary list

HSK 6 vocabulary list