Meaning and pronunciation of 大

Simplified/traditional character
dà (da4)


big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; older (than); oldest; eldest; greatly; very much; (dialect) father; father's elder or younger brother;

HSK levels:

1, 2, 4, 5, 6


  • 大 (dà): big

Sentences examples with 大:

  • 大杯子是我的。
    Dà bēizi shì wǒ de.
  • 让大家起床吧。
    Ràng dàjiā qǐchuáng ba.
  • 请大家把作业本儿拿出来。
    Qǐng dàjiā bǎ zuòyè běn er ná chūlái.
  • 这个苹果很大。
    Zhège píngguǒ hěn dà.
  • 这是我大书。
    Zhè shì wǒ dà shū.

Words containing 大, by HSK level:

HSK level 1 vocabulary list

  • (dà) : big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; oldest; eldest

HSK level 2 vocabulary list

  • (dàjiā) : everyone

HSK level 4 vocabulary list

  • (dàgài) : roughly; probably; rough; approximate; about
  • 使 (dàshǐguǎn) : embassy; CL:座[zuo4] ,个
  • (dàyuē) : approximately; about
  • (dàifu) : doctor; minister of state (in pre-Han states); CL:个,位[wei4]

HSK level 5 vocabulary list

  • (dàfāng) : generous; tasteful; stylish; easy-mannered
  • (dàshà) : large building; edifice; mansion; CL:座[zuo4]
  • (dàxiàng) : elephant; CL:只[zhi1]
  • (dàxíng) : large scale; wide scale; broad scale
  • 广 (guǎngdà) : (of an area) vast or extensive; large-scale; widespread; (of people) numerous
  • (jùdà) : huge; immense; very large; tremendous; gigantic; enormous
  • (kuòdà) : to expand; to enlarge; to broaden one's scope
  • (wěidà) : huge; great; mighty; large
  • (zhòngdà) : important; great; major; significant;

HSK level 6 vocabulary list

  • (bódàjīngshēn) : wide-ranging and profound; broad and deep
  • (dàbùliǎo) : at worst; if worst comes to worst; serious; alarming
  • (dàchén) : minister (of a monarchy)
  • (dàhuǒr) : everybody; everyone; we all
  • (dàsì) : wantonly; without restraint (of enemy or malefactor); unbridled
  • (dàtǐ) : in general; more or less; in rough terms; basically; on the whole
  • (dàyì) : general idea; main idea
  • (dàzhì) : more or less; roughly; approximately
  • (fàngdà) : to enlarge; to magnify
  • (huǎngrándàwù) : to suddenly realize; to suddenly see the light
  • (pángdà) : huge; enormous; tremendous

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