Meaning and pronunciation of 话

Simplified character
Traditional character



  • dialect
  • language
  • spoken words
  • speech
  • talk
  • words
  • conversation
  • what sb said
  • CL:種|种[zhong3],席[xi2],句[ju4],口[kou3],番[fan1]

HSK levels


  • (yán): speech
  • (shé): tongue

Characters with the same pronunciation

  • : (hua2) to row; to paddle; profitable; worth (the effort); it pays (to do sth); to cut; to slash; to scratch (cut into the surface of sth); to strike (a match); (hua4) to delimit; to transfer; to assign; to plan; to draw (a line); stroke of a Chinese character;
  • : to make into; to change into; -ization; to ... -ize; to transform; abbr. for 化學|化学[hua4 xue2];
  • : to draw; picture; painting; CL:幅[fu2],張|张[zhang1]; classifier for paintings etc; variant of 劃|划[hua4];

Sentences examples with 话

  • 我想打电话。
    Wǒ xiǎng dǎdiànhuà.
  • 喂?你请说话!
    Wèi? Nǐ qǐng shuōhuà!
  • 他在打电话呢。
    Tā zài dǎ diànhuà ne.
  • 他和王先生说话呢。
    Tā hé wáng xiānshēng shuōhuà ne.
  • 他们在说话。
    Tāmen zài shuōhuà.

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